Types of Home Drainage Systems

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Home drainage systems might not be at the forefront of every homeowner’s mind. However, they are an essential part of keeping your property in good shape. Drainage issues can result in a number of problems, including sloped yards, soggy areas, erosion, and poor soil conditions. Having a properly functioning home drainage system is key to keeping water away and preventing water damage.

Subsurface/French Drains 

Subsurface drainage systems, also referred to as French drains, consist of a perforated pipe that runs underneath the ground. French drains expel standing water and prevent waterlogging, a problem caused by excess water saturating the roots of vegetation and other plants. Subsurface drainage systems prevent vegetation from dying and are used in agriculture to improve aeration and plant growth. For subsurface and French drains, large trenches are dug for the pipes to sit below the top layer of soil. They’re then covered with gravel to allow filtration. The pipes lead to a collector drain to send water away from the area and out from underneath the home. 


Surface drainage is another common home drainage system. These systems consist of ditches dug parallel to each other to allow water to channel away from the foundation. Surface drains are particularly useful for flat properties that need to prevent flooding by dispersing excess water. Like French drains, ditches within surface drainage systems lead to a larger collector drain.


Slope drainage systems start at an incline, allowing water to flow downwards and away from a particular area. The grading allows water to naturally drain through pipes that are typically plastic, concrete, or steel. Most graded drainage systems have a barrier or gates to prevent potential accidents. 

Downspout & Gutter Systems

One of the most important areas to keep water away from your home is the roof. A downspout and gutter system is an effective way to direct water away from your house. Water collecting in the roof or pooling around the gutters is a recipe for disaster. Instead, gutters collect water from the roof and carry it to a downspout, a pipe leading to the ground and away from your home.  

Diagnosing Your Home Drainage Systems 

Are you noticing issues with your drainage system or have issues with standing water? Repairing your home drainage system sooner rather than later can prevent costly water damage that could compromise the structure of your home. Contact us today to learn more about our drainage services and to schedule a free consultation. 

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