When You Don’t Want a Spring in Your Step: What Causes Bouncing Floors?

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Have you ever walked across a wooden floor and felt it give out slightly underneath you? While a bit of bounciness might not be cause for concern, it could indicate a much more serious problem. Bouncing floors aren’t just an issue limited to older houses, either. Even newly built homes can experience bouncy floors, which can sometimes be an indication of a larger structural issue. Sometimes walking across bouncing floors might even cause your house to shake. While this is a common issue in houses of all ages, there are several reasons why a home might have bouncy floors.

Causes of Bouncing Floors

Water Damage

Moisture is one potential cause of bouncing floors. Whether it’s moisture in the crawl space, a roof leak, or water dripping from a pipe, subfloors don’t take well to extended exposure to water. Laminate floors made of plywood are even more susceptible to moisture, making bounciness a common issue. 

Insufficient Structural Support 

Engineers design buildings to support themselves. However, on rare occasions, mistakes do happen. Whether there are issues with the floor joists or the trusses can’t support the weight, structural problems can lead to sagging or bouncing floors. 

Foundation Issues

As with insufficient structural support, problems with the foundation can lead to issues with the floors as well. Whether it’s moisture, termite damage, or wood rot, foundation problems are typically going to lead to a number of other concerns. 

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